Gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf


gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf

GM diet day 5 requires high protein and Testing GM Diet Day 5 – Indian Vegetarian Version. Sorry but rice is not there in this diet plan on 5th or 6th day. Check Out Our ULTIMATE Guide to Popular 7 Day GM Diet Plan! Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet Plan. By. GM Diet Plan PDF The Indian & Vegetarian. For all vegetarians and vegans there is now a vegetarian version of the GM Diet. GM Diet vegetarian is a popular alternative of the typical General Motors diet.

Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet Plan

You can have lean meat ideally beef for meat lovers or brown rice for vegetarians. I am suffering from pcod so can I take this diet to reduce weight. I can loose 15 kg …in a month bt i cant do exercise voz m feeling to weak m sry bt wt to do. Hello mam plz send me the pix of that women who have achieved their goal,thank u so much u are doing a great job,i am 31 years old. Can I have banana shakes on the fourth day without any sugar instead of having bananas and milk separately? All you need to do after this diet plan is to maintain yourself. Small portions enough to fill your stomach.

Tell me who does not want to lose weight? All of us do want to shed a few pounds. Almost every second person wants to change the way he looks. This makes us try new methods and gm diet plans the moment we hear about something new. What if you come across a Secret Diet plan that would not take too much effort, dedication and would tone you down in just 7 days? Around pounds 9 Kgs shed in a week, without much effort and gruelling routines?

This is exactly what the GM Diet plan is. Top 10 Exercises to Practice While at Work. Add to it the benefit of improving your attitude and emotions because of the cleansing effects that it has. And as if this was not lucrative enough, this vegetarian GM diet plan is totally safe without any side effects and there is no fear of harm to the body!

It flushes your body of the impurities and helps in keeping your body slim and proportionate. This vegetarian diet plan involves the consumption of specific food items for seven days in a row, in contrast to the other diet plans which involve weekly schedules.

While reducing weight is the primary goal, it also detoxifies the body. Many people follow the GM Diet Plan twice a year to maintain good health and to stay slim and attractive.

This is the best diet to lose weight naturally and is spread over a seven-day vegetarian regime. Because this diet plan was developed by the General Motors Inc. It mainly aims at a healthy body, mind and focusses on immediate, hassle-free and safe weight loss. You would notice the following by practising this regime:. Though it may sound impossible to you, there have been numerous success stories of this Diet Regime and that too, within seven days!

There is absolutely no harm in trying this out once and you would see the results for yourself. The best diet to lose weight, the GM Diet includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and Starch.

There is no prerequisite to this Diet plan except that you need to be healthy enough to practice it. Also, you have to strictly stay away from Alcohol. Alcohol causes water retention in the body due to the release of Uric Acid. This eventually blocks the natural detoxification from taking place.

While many Diet plans reduce around 1 lb. A routine of ten minutes of exercise in a day is enough to supplement the diet plan. Below is a BMI calculator. Enter your exact weight and height. It will tell you whether you are underweight, normal or overweight. But if you feel that you have some unwanted fat on your body, exercising and healthy diet is the key.

So now that you have made your mind for the GM Diet Plan, here is a list of some pointers that you should be aware of beforehand:. Below is the Indian version of day-by-day, step-by-step guide to follow this magical diet plan. Take a pen, paper and note down the important points for this diet plan and stick it in your kitchen for a quick overview. And before you start with this General Motors diet, weigh yourself and note it down on paper.

Stay determined and you can avoid the craving for food , trust me. Welcome to Day 2! Mixture of boiled green beans, broccoli, carrot and beet with 2 glasses of water. Keep control on your cravings. Take the liberty to eat up to 6 Bananas in the entire day which you were told not to, initially.

It should consist of capsicum, onions, garlic and Tomatoes and you can drink it just once a day. You can also drink just 3 glasses of ml milk each if you wish to but is not mandatory. Banana shake prepared with a glass of milk and 1 banana. Add soya chunks to your meal today. Try making a tasty soup of the ingredients and sip it up. A bowl of boiled red kidney beans or rajma, 2 tomatoes and 2 glasses of water. You can also add lemon and pepper rajma and tomatoes. Sprouts Salad with soya chunks and 2 glasses of water.

Vegetable soup, Soy Chunks curry. Increase a little more of the water intake from your regular quantity which will flush all the toxins from your body. Day 6 will be a bit different from yesterday. You can continue with cottage cheese Paneer , soup, vegetables and sprouts. Make sure to avoid tomatoes.

You can see changes in your body by now. And the day you have been waiting for. You will be feeling very light and cheerful. Climax the day by drinking a good amount of water to cleanse all the toxins away. Weigh yourself again and see the difference in your body weight. Following it passionately and in a disciplined way can help you lose weight and body fat.

Some quick tips to help you follow this gm diet plan are mentioned below:. Though you cannot stick to the plan all your life, you may want to repeat it off and on to maintain your weight and appearance.

Since you cannot continue with this diet all your life, here are some advices to keep a check on your fat:. GM diet is an absolute no during pregnancy. Even after pregnancy is over then for at least 6 months it is not recommended. Further , during the breastfeeding time it is advised to consult your doctor before doing this diet. It should not be performed during menstrual periods too. Many people who are ready to take on GM diet are questioning as to which foods to be consumed on the 5th day of this healthy diet plan to get a considerable amount of fibre and proteins.

You need not worry as we have got you covered! Day 5 is probably the most important part of general motors diet plan. Just 7 days of dedication will show a marked weight loss and you have to bend nothing about yourself to achieve it except follow a simple diet plan as mentioned above.

Just stay tuned with the gm diet plan and drink a good amount of water every day. Do not wait any longer and take up this challenge of losing weight in just 7 days. GM diet results are amazing and I wish you all the best for leading a healthy and happy life. If you have any questions regarding this diet plan, let me know it in the comments below and I will try to help you out in whatever I can.

A woman who followed this diet lived for years! Like the article on gm diet? Please help us and help your friends, relatives by sharing this with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google and let them take the maximum benefits of same. Hey Yes you can workout while following GM diet. Yoga is best, and should be performed every morning empty stomach. However, cardio exercises and running should be limited to 15 minutes max since you may get tired very often if you are of age above I am 25 yrs old, my weight is 58kg n height is cms.

I wish to lose about kg. But I am under some rigorous training and i need to study a lot. Nw hunger is d enemy of any student as concentrating wid d feeling of hunger is very difficult but I have no other option but to reduce weight simultaneously by about 3 kgs.

Please guide me on this and reply through mail. I would be wating for it. You can use this diet and eat till your stomach fills full. Drink lots of water throughout the day which will keep you full. And for everyday plz Thanks. I am tired of doing gm diet and exercise but not losing a single kg? More with this plain will it give m. Is it safe fr skin to follow this plan? Hello chef this is afreen age 31 yrs and my weight is 96kgs and mu height is 5.

Losing 30 KGs at once is not at all healthy. Going under the knife is never recommended. Let it happen naturally with this gm diet plan. Hi Im 19 year old nd my weight is 57 so I wanna ask u that iss itss normal or should I losse weight.

Hi i was wondering how often should you do this diet? Should you do it once, then stop?

gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf

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gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf What type of soup? The title says it all! Besides the three main meals, incorporate fruits and only fruits for you morning and evening snacks. For taste you can add Cloves and Oregano. Stay hydrated to lose more weight. To answer that question, we must first understand how the GM Diet works. gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf gm diet plan vegetarian in hindi pdf



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