Cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight


cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight

★ Detox Diet With Raw Honey And Cinnamon - Weight Loss Clinic In Ontario Ca Detox Diet With Raw Honey And Cinnamon Weight Loss After Eliminating Gluten Weight Loss. Are you looking for an all-natural way to shed a few pounds? Cinnamon and honey may be the answer. With hundreds of diets and weight loss plans out there, it can be. Are you taking honey and cinnamon for weight loss? If you have tried honey and cinnamon drink, please share your experience here. I’ll appreciate that very much. I. cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight

As I promised, in my previous post about the benefits of cinnamon , in this one, about Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss , I will share with you an interesting fact, I found a few days ago, about the almost miraculous weight loss effect of cinnamon.

As you can see from the title the cinnamon for weight loss is combined with honey in a delicious mixture, which recipe I am just about to reveal:. Mix the cinnamon with the cup of boiling water 8 oz and let it cool a little 15 to 30 minutes. Then add the honey and stir until it dissolves within the cinnamon tea.

Stir the drink and filter it. Take one half 4 oz of the drink before breakfast on an empty stomach and the other half — a few hours after dinner, before going to bed. If you make the drink in the evening — take the first half before going to bed, and put the rest in the fridge.

First thing in the next morning — take it out of the fridge and let it stay at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes before drinking it. People who have tried this amazing weight loss drink say that they have lost about 3 kg lbs for 1 week.

I know it sounds too good and easy to be true, but I do believe it really works. I will try it myself in the next couple of weeks, actually as soon as I supply myself with the necessary ingredients — cinnamon and honey. Due to the great interest in this topic and the numerous comments and emails I receive every day about how exactly to prepare and use the drink, I decided to write an update post.

And I also would like to share with you one of the last comments thanks to Michelle , so that anybody can read it. It pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the honey and cinnamon drink:. Just want to let you know I have been doing a lot of research of many sites. They say Not to add the honey while the liquid is hot. This will kill the effects of the honey. Stir well and drink 4 of the 8oz first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and the rest on an empty stomach before bed.

They also recommend pure raw unprocessed or uncooked honey. Again the heating process will kill the honey benefits. If you have success stories and results to share with us, please do that at: Cinnamon — a Miracle in a Half Teaspoon. Benefits of Honey for Fat Loss. Honey and Cinnamon for Lowering Cholesterol. You are welcome to join here!

There will be a lot of sharing and discussions about the original recipe preparation. Everyone is free to share their experience and weight loss results in our closed group. You will be able to post your photos and videos of making the Honey and Cinnamon Drink. Subscribe to my newsletter and get notified when I publish new post, product review or weight loss Freebie. Get it delivered right to your Inbox as soon as it gets out! I will never sell or spam your e-mail address!

I will call her this weekend to find out if she has any results. Do I pour it through a coffe filter into a new cup or do I strain it or use a cheesecloth? I started drinking the honey and cinnamon mixture the very same evening, and now two weeks later I feel much better.

I have lost 2 kg already, and I will go on for at least three more weeks to lose another 3 kg. I wish you all the best Ally and I hope it will work for you the way it worked for me. Even walking in the park is an exercise. You can give it a try. At the same time I mix the cinnamon and honey in another cup and stir for about 1 min until it turns into paste. Then I poor the boiling water into the cup with honey and cinnamon paste and stir until the honey dissolves.

Honey and cinnamon drink will help you lose weight naturally and that takes some time, so you must be patient. Hey, thhis honey and cinammon recipe sounds too good to be true. I am going to start trying it tmrw, and will share my results soon….. Is there a difference if i boil the cinnamon and honey in 1 c of water or using the kettle? Is it ok to drink it during the day??

I am using a coffee filter too. Out of curiosity… how does the cinnamon and honey mixture work??? Can ground cinnamon be used instead of powdered? How much can be made at one time? As for the question: Well, I recommend you to start in the evening and make one cup of tea of honey and cinnamon drink at a time.

Drink the first half before you go to bed and the other half in the morning. Follow the same procedure and prepare your drink in the evening again and so on…. Hi Galia, I read about this a while back but just never took seriously but started this morning then i searched the net and saw your site. I will give you my progress report next week. Should the half you leave for the next day be refridgerated or do we just leave it out on the kitchen bench or in the microwave?

I assure you that it will be OK if you just leave it out covered on the kitchen bench or in the microwave for the night. And Today I plan on starting this cinnamon honey, thing. I hope it works. I will repost next week. Hi I have read cinnamon powder and honey on internet.

Today i start to drank it by morning and also before go to bed. May i know whether i can drink one cup with cinnamon and honey by morning and also one cup by night. Please reply as i need to know it. Hi i am interesting abt cinnamon and honey. It can make me weight loss, true? I have problem fat. I see your point: And you hope for faster and better results…. However, I do not recommend you do that since the first day you start. Start with a half cup at a time.

After one week try a full cup of drink for a couple of days. But if you feel anything strange such as stomach aches or tension- stop immediately and go back to only half cup at a time. Cinnamon is an antioxidant that aids fat burning just like the green tea , so it really can help you. Give it a try and come back here to share your experience.

Thank for ur share. I am plan to starting on cinnamon and honey today. May i know if i taking cinnamon and honey with psyllium husk mixture then drink it before breakfast and go to bed. Taking cinnamon and honey with normal meal 3times a day, not overeating more. I hope it works on me. Hi im interested also in using this honey and cinnamon for weight loss. You are taking honey and cinnamon, eating 3 normal meals a day, without overeating and you are asking me if you gonna lose weight, right?

Yes, you can lose weight. Try some extra activity if you can, too. Such as jogging or at least walking more. I have read about honey and cinnamon on the internet and also on this blog.. I already tried using it for almost a month but i did not loss even a single pound i think a gain more.. Hi its been a week that i been drinking honey and cinnamon but nothing has been change in my weight i even reduce a single pounds please help me what to do…i really want to reduce weight!!!

I recommend you to read these 10 tips to lose weight by the end of , and I hope you will find what else you need to lose weight, besides the honey and cinnamon. Is it absolutely necessary to take the cinnamon with the honey? Can I just omit the honey and drink it with water, or add it to my food throughout the day? Will it make any difference? However, the whole idea behind the cinnamon and honey drink is — when you drink it before bed it keeps you from storing fat during the night.

The cinnamon is an antioxidant that is actually burning the fat. Hai this sounds intresting. I have delivery a baby girl september still iam brest feeding. Can i take this cinnoman drink. Can i use it for reducing my weight. Hi, I just wanted to post this link about cinammon.

cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight

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Honey and Cinnamon for weight loss, Drink This Before Sleep And Wake Up With Less Weight Every Day cinnamon and raw honey to loss weight

Have You Tried Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss?

Please, Rate or Share this Article: I started working out a few times a week and lost maybe a pound per week. I can still see my post I have posted on June 3rd, , that I am going to start on that day.. The lord is good. If you like the taste more that way — it is OK, there is no difference if you take the honey and cinnamon drink with cinnamon powder or sticks.



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