Weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries


weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries

Loss of the ovaries brings on If you decide to keep your ovaries after the It used to be said that ovaries fail earlier after a hysterectomy but this has. Is Weight Gain Inevitable After a Hysterectomy? Perhaps because so many women who have partial or full hysterectomies gain weight and keep it on after the surgery. I am having a hysterectomy in May, although i have decided to keep my ovaries. I feel losing after shouldn't be an issue as much for me but will encourage you through. weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries

How to avoid weight gain after hysterectomy? If only doctors would warn women before their hysterectomy, that most women gain an average weight of 25 pounds in the first year after their hysterectomy.

Regrettably, there is a lack of information doctors offer about hysterectomy and weight gain. But also on how women can prevent a massive weight gain in the year after the hysterectomy.

The problem is that once you gained much weight after the hysterectomy, it is hard to lose it. Why does it seem so difficult to lose those extra pounds and is weight gain after hysterectomy unavoidable? We may find it hard to admit, but as we grow older we become more sedentary and our metabolism slows down. This means that to maintain our weight we will have to cut down on calories and exercise more.

So, the odds are not on our side when at the end of our fertile years we have to have a hysterectomy. Even women that had a very active lifestyle before the operation are forced to slow down during the recovery period of this surgery. They may see that for the first time in their lives that weight gain becomes an issue. Some women suffer from joint pain after hysterectomy which can make it impossible to do any type of exercise.

Especially women going through surgical induced menopause may have terrible aching joints due to dropping hormone levels. The truth is if you do not keep up at least some level of activity, you will soon see the pounds piling up. These hormonal imbalances may also cause women to become very emotional or depressed. Some women try to deal with these emotional issues through food.

Unfortunately, comfort eating will not make you feel better. Instead, it will cause rapid weight gain which will make you feel worse.

This way you can easily get trapped in an unhealthy cycle. There is a different distribution of fat in the body. I believe that all women will notice that after the hysterectomy they store more fat on the abdomen than before. As women grow older, the percentage of muscle declines and the percentage of body fat increases.

Read more in our post: Post hysterectomy weight loss and how to do it right. The results of the study showed, that the women in both groups had gained weight during that year.

But the women who had a hysterectomy gained more weight and had a higher BMI body mass index , after the first year, than women in the control group.

But not everybody gained weight. Women already overweight at the time of surgery and women that struggle all their life with weight problems are more at risk of larger weight gains. They also noticed differences in weight gain by type of surgery and indication. Higher BMI and weight gain were found in women that had an abdominal hysterectomy than after a vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Women with fibroids and menorrhagia also showed statistically more weight gain after hysterectomy than women who had other indications for this surgery. Thank you both so much for your advice. Will it affect my sex life drastically and will I gain more weight with them removed? Your sex life becomes 0 because you will have no more hormones being produced.

I did not have hot flashes but it made me very depressed and I gained 25 pounds. It will be a year this September that I had my last ovary removed and I regret it. It has been a life saver. But if I could do it all over I would not have had mine taken out. If given the choice, I would have preferred to keep my ovaries because they produce our sex hormones.

I had my hysterectomy on Jan. My waistline started disappearing almost instantly. I made sure there was no fructose in any of my foods, and continue to only eat fruits, veggies, and lean meats. It has been slow. I still have 6 more lbs. They made such a huge difference in my well-being. Best of luck to you. Research, discuss with your doctors and partner, and do what suits you best.

I had a complete hysterectomy 2 yrs ago I had a growth the diameter of a baseball and in the first year I did gain about 15 lbs. No more periods that last 3 wks gushing when ever it had a mind to No more being stuck at the house or not being able to plan vacations or vacation at all.. Like being there before my dad past away. Mind you I couldnt go to the grocery store without being a mess by the time I got home.

So you prepare a well as possible and pray….. But look what this surgery took away…it gave me my life back… Find joy in every moment…. I have come to this site to read and get help with the awful weight gain of 15lbs since my surgery.

I was and now! I never had a weight problem, ever. I have just read your post and it brought me back to the eye on the prize!! I agree with everything you have said and it is invigorating to know that I never have to deal with those horrible, life-altering periods again!!! I have excessive weight gain, insomnia and the worst hot flashes AND I kept my ovaries…struggling with this but, it too shall pass. Thanks for your post! I need my life back.

I am 8 days post hysterectomy, left ovaries and cervix. Had fibroids severe bleeding prior had DNC first when she was in found new fibroid and they were pushing on my uterus.

Over the last year I had gained 25 pounds. No energy at all. Very emotional and still sore and tired. I had my hysterectomy a year and a half ago, they left my ovaries. I think it took me about 6 months before I began to feel like myself again. It is a long slow process, but you will get there, believe me.

Everything goes back to normal, of course no periods, that was so weird at first. Also sex should be normal as it ever was. How are you doing now? I am 9 weeks post full abdominal hysterectomy and I am already noticing the weight gain. However because my hysterectomy was caused as a result of a huge ovarian cyst and removal of one ovary 2 years ago I have to be grateful.

The reason is because at the time of the operation it was discovered I was at the first stage of ovarian cancer. Everything that was left after the first ovary was removed but this saved my life. So, this is why I have to be grateful and grateful for life. It is still early days, but despite the weight I am expected to put on, I am determined to stay positive and embrace the new me.

I m well n fine. But now I m afraid of my weight gain n gaseous problem further in my life as I have heard. I am almost 56 found out I had something that gave me a 30 to 40percent higher chance of getting cancer. I got a hysterectomy complete one. And since I was perimenopause I gained weight and could not take it off.

Worked out eat right. I am now going off my estrogen and have no energy and am depressed. Does anyone know, is there any natural supplements to take that would help in these areas. Try the Hormone Replacement Therapy its natural… ask your dr about. I just rcvd my treatment and love it so far. My lower abdomen feels numb is this normal? There is so much misinformation in these comments, in this article, and online! Good grief it gives one nightmares.

I had an abdominal hysterectomy to remove a very large uterus with large fibroids, ovaries not removed. Not worst case scenario but not easiest surgery option or recovery time either.

It can be done. Listen to YOUR doctors. Listen to YOUR own body. And do not buy into the mental horror show of the worst case scenarios. And if you do end up going down the lesser traveled path, do it on your own terms with the guidance from YOUR medical team as it applies to YOU!

Thank you for your comment!

weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries weight loss after hysterectomy kept ovaries

Is Weight Gain Inevitable After a Hysterectomy?

Add a large salad with low-fat dressing before lunch and dinner. By signing up, you confirm that you accept our terms of use and privacy policy. It has been a life saver. Because of complications with my second pregnancy, I decided to have my tubes tied. It has 12 weeks post Hysterectomy! Helpful Resources premature menopause??? But I rather gain 30 lbs than have pre cancerous anything.

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sex 2 weeks after hysterectomy, sex 3 times a day, sex 3 wee I am lbs and very active. I tried Lupron Made me frickin CRAZYhad an ablation and finally gave up and had the surgery because I bled for most of the last weigbt months and became anemic. This way you can easily get trapped in an unhealthy cycle. I feel so good. Carmen July 18,



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