My weightloss journey teenager


my weightloss journey teenager

List your event on and gain more participants via search The number one question I get in messages asking about my weight loss journey goes something. Jun 22,  · My Weight-loss Journey♡How I Lost 55 pounds As A Teenager! My journey has not been a My 60lb Weightloss & Maintenance Journey With. Jun 03,  · Over the course of the next few months, I would try to get back to my weight loss percent, Organization goes a long way on a weight-loss journey. my weightloss journey teenager my weightloss journey teenager my weightloss journey teenager my weightloss journey teenager my weightloss journey teenager

I subconsciously equated being healthy with being skinny. I considered low fat dairy, whole grain breads, zero calorie sweeteners, chicken breasts and reduced fat dressings healthy.

I used to smoke because I had heard that smoking would make me lose weight—and I subconsciously thought if I lost weight, I must be healthy. I drank several cups of coffee per day to reduce my appetite—to lose weight, to be healthy. Sometimes I would even starve myself to lose weight.

My weight would fluctuate with the seasons and with my love life, but my real health suffered constantly over time. I moved to London to pursue my career, then things got worse! I was working very long hours, eating packaged convenience foods and take out away.

My body was so low in energy that I was constantly bombarding it with stimulants just to get by. I would have coffee and sugary carbohydrates for breakfast and snacks. I loaded up on ham sandwiches, steaks and other forms of meat.

I went to London to pursue career success but I found disaster. At 23, I was overweight, stressed out and exhausted. My face was puffy and I had rings around my tired eyes. I developed various health conditions: In addition, I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—and finally it was too much. My body was trying to send me a message, by going on strike and shutting down. My body was telling me to stop and to change my lifestyle. If I wanted to live, I would have to listen.

When I did it, I realized that my first and most important value was health. I was a little shocked. I was shocked that health was the most important thing in my life, however, I smoked! And years later, it has grown beautifully — not only I have changed my unhealthy habits to healthy ones, but I also changed my career, so I can help people improve their health and lives.

My first step towards health was quitting my job and moving to the Philippines in the hope of getting my life back, in In I started improving my diet and doing lots of research about nutrition, weight loss and health. I read every single book about raw foods and nutrition I could put my hands on, watched hours of documentaries and tutorials and searched for success stories throughout the internet.

I have tried different raw food approaches, including gourmet raw, high fat, low glycemic and high carb raw vegan. Most of the time I was balancing between all these approaches, and incorporating some cooked foods in my diet. My energy and health improved dramatically. I no longer suffered from Chronic Fatigue, infections or illness. I was happy and finally beginning to enjoy what life had to offer.

What I went through inspired me to become a nutritionist and health coach so that I could help others. During my independent research and studies at school I have gained invaluable knowledge which I felt I had to share with the world. It also motivated me to step up to new challenges. In the table below you can see the 90 day challenge, that took from January to April, results.

I continued exercising all year long in , with a few weeks break in September. My goal was to make sure that my knees recover, and also to stay consistent and enjoy exercising. On the 1st of January this year, I weighed lbs. I announced that I was going on a new 90 day fitness challenge. Read the full story here. Press enter to begin your search. Do you also want to lose 40 pounds as I did? Total Weight Loss Results. New Challenge in

I just ran when I could and did long runs on the weekends. I ran on the elliptical my weightloss journey teenager of the time but then we stopped going so I started running every other day around my neighborhood. I started to learn and teach myself about different healthy natural ways to lose belly fat of cardiovascular exercise; the benefits of myy weights how to do it and what exercises benefited which muscle groups ; what foods I should eat and why; and learned how to cook clean. Due to the hardships I my weightloss journey teenager enduring, I let my health suffer. The complete website and training is jourrney for FREE. However, the stipulation about motivation is it cannot be bought.



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